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Introducing Can-Dan’s Sensory Integration Products

Introducing Our Sensory Integration Products

How do we take in the information delivered by our senses? The routines of daily life, from eating your breakfast to getting dressed for the day, are impacted by sensory integration, or sensory processing. For many, this important process develops as they grow — but for some, difficulty with sensory integration creates challenges in everyday life. 

Can-Dan’s new line of Protac sensory integration products are designed to engage the senses, promoting a sense of calmness that contributes to overall well-being. These innovative products, from alternative seating options to blankets and footrests, offer myriad benefits that go beyond comfort and functionality, fostering resilience and confidence in both children and adults.

Challenges with sensory integration

Sensory integration challenges look different for everyone: sometimes, people experience difficulty with one sense, such as auditory processing, while for others, it’s multiple senses.  Often, sensory integration challenges are part of larger disorders or learning disabilities, like ADHD, anxiety, autism, or OCD. Some of the many symptoms of sensory integration challenges include:

  • Trouble falling asleep or lack of deep sleep
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Stress and/or anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mental and physical unrest

When someone has challenges with sensory integration, they may be especially sensitive to sensory inputs and experience “sensory overload.” This can contribute to trouble focusing and impact daily functioning over long periods of time. 

The benefits of sensory integration products

Protac is a leader in the development of sensory-stimulating aids for children and adults, with products that are used by families at home, as well as by health services and institutions. Their evidence-based approach comprises a range of products filled with plastic balls, which create movement and deep-touch pressure to stimulate the sense of touch. This increases the user’s overall body awareness, allowing them to feel calm, secure, and confident in their environment, whether they are awake or asleep.

How it works: when we feel restless or anxious, we naturally use movement to calm our bodies and minds. Protac’s products use this concept as an aid for those with sensory integration challenges. The weight of the balls inside each product offers a sense of resistance to the joints and muscles that the brain registers as movement, stimulating the sense of touch and relieving restlessness. This is as beneficial for focusing and learning during the day as it is for relaxing and falling asleep at night.

Sensory integration products available through Can-Dan

Protac SenSit® –  Sensory Learning Station

A sensory integration chair with a comfortable seat and backrest that are filled with balls. The side and neck cushions, also filled with balls, can be folded over the body for added comfort.

Protac Ball Blanket

This sensory blanket contains pockets with inner bags for the balls, which can be removed to customize the product to your needs. The sense of movement provided by the balls promotes a sense of calm optimal for sleep.

Protac MyFit®

This calming sensory vest creates a sense of weight and pressure that increases body awareness, enhancing concentration and overall calmness.

Protac Ball Cushion®

Filled with plastic balls, this sensory cushion stimulates a sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense. The dynamic pressure helps improve body awareness in the user while enabling them to sit up straight and stay still. The ball cushion is particularly useful for learning, as it relieves restlessness and promotes concentration.

Protac KneedMe®

A sensory-stimulating knee blanket, the Protac KneedMe® covers the knees and thighs to create dynamic touch-pressure. Users with restless hands can keep their hands free or tuck them into the outer pocket. This sensory blanket is beneficial for seated activities and during meals.

Protac SensOn®

The SensOn® is a sensory wrap filled with small balls that are worn around the neck, shoulders, and chest, mimicking the sense of firm hands placed on your shoulders. The wrap helps relieve physical unrest while completing daily tasks and chores.

Protac BallBase®

This sensory-stimulating mattress pad contains moving balls that produce a calming effect, promoting deep sleep and reducing the symptoms of sensory disturbances. The ® can be used at home, in hospitals and institutions, and can be paired with the Protac Ball Blanket® for a most restful night’s sleep.

Protac GroundMe®

A ball-filled foot and seat cushion, the GroundMe® offers support for restless feet through the sense of touch. It can also be used as a floor cushion for smaller children, for example, promoting calmness during activities at elementary school.

Learn more about our sensory integration products

Seeking more information about our sensory product lines? We invite you to visit our sensory integration page to view details about each product. If you have questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, please contact us today. We would be happy to find the ideal products that work for you.