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NEW PADS for CAN-DAN Side Rails

CAN-DAN now offers Pads for their side rails.

You now have the option to add pads to the side rails on your CAN-DAN Change Table. 

The side rails offered with CAN-DAN change tables can now be covered with a new removeable pad.  The pad is designed as a pocket style, easy to fit over the rail and secured by Velcro.  When a client is transferring onto the change table, the side rail can be released and folds under the table.  The pad will stay on the rail when either up or lowered below the table to facilitate transfer. The pad stays in place due to velcro strap that is hidden under the pad but accessible through outside flap.

The pad is easy to clean and maintain.

Consider adding a pad if extra comfort is needed to protect either caregiver or client from inadvertently contacting the side rail when using the change table.  The 2” foam within pad is a tense foam, strong enough to protect user and caregiver