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Miniwalk® is a gait trainer for children with mobility disabilities. Miniwalk® is available in two sizes and can be used by children at ages 1 – 7 years. Miniwalk® has springs, which make the upper part of the frame react to the movements of the user during gait. Thereby the gait pattern of the user is stimulated, which is important. The earlier a child is stimulated to move around and explore the greater is the chance of achieving a gait pattern.

Available in Canada

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Miniwalk® is fitted each user by
choosing springs according to the body
weight of the user.
Green springs: min 10 kg
Silver springs: min 15 kg
Black springs: min 20 kg

Trunk Support

Miniwalk® has a trunk support and seat that are both continuously adjustable with regards to height. This means that Miniwalk® can ‘grow’ with your child. These settings are easily carried out without the use of tools.

The trunk support is chosen on the basis of the circumference of the child’s chest. It is available in two sizes, 70 cm and 90 cm respectively.


The handlebar of Miniwalk® can be angled continuously. It is positioned to help the child balance and gain control of the body.

Miniwalk® is available in two colors – turquoise and red.

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