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The ERGOtable Custom School Desk: Everything you need to know

At Can-Dan, we’re firm believers that each student should have the appropriate tools for learning when they enter the classroom – and no student should feel different from their peers for any reason. 

So we invented the ERGOtable, a custom school desk, to accommodate students using any type of seating, including a power wheelchair or alternative seating system. Interested? We’ll provide all the facts so you can decide which ERGOtable is right for you.

ergonomic school desk

An ergonomic school desk that’s height-adjustable 

One of the many unique features of the ERGOtable is that the legs can be adjusted to the correct ergonomic height of 21-29” or 27-37”, depending on the student. 

In other words, multiple people with different needs can use the desk at a height that feels appropriate for them. This provides a higher level of comfort for a diverse range of students, rather than having a standard desk size for students of various heights and who use different types of seating.

Multiple options available

We offer many design options for the ERGOtable: the Ergonomic School Desk, the Power Wheelchair Accessible Desk, or a Custom Ergonomic Classroom Desk.

Ergonomic School Desk

  • From preschool to high school, multiple tabletop sizes and cut-out sizes to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Compatible with alternative seating systems including Rifton solutions (COMPASS and Activity chair), R82 (Wombat and x:panda), and Leckey seating including the PAL chair

Power Wheelchair Accessible Desk 

  • Designed to accommodate students with power wheelchair
  • All shapes and sizes available 
  • Can accommodate fixed or swing-away joysticks

Custom Ergonomic Classroom Desk 

If you’re looking for a unique solution, you’ve come to the right place: we build all our desks to order, right here in Ancaster, Ontario. We will work with you to design just the right desk for your unique needs.

Optional features include: 

  • Storage box
  • Tilting top (8 varying degrees)
  • Sensory bowl cutouts
  • Raised edging
  • Furniture glides
  • 2″ locking casters, and more!
ergonomic desk with chair in school library

Thoughtful design features

When designing our ERGOtables, we considered students every step of the way. Our goal was to offer classroom seating that was comfortable for students of all sizes, with diverse needs and types of seating, so that learning could be their focus at school.

With height-adjustable legs and plenty of clearance underneath (a departure from bulky desks with drawers), there is plenty of legroom and space for wheelchairs, while cut-outs allow students to pull in as close as possible. 

Additionally, a storage box can be installed on the side of the desk with room for school books and supplies. Desks can also be designed with a tilting tabletop for maximum accessibility and comfort.

Because they’re built on wheels, our wheelchair-accessible desks are easy for teachers to move around the classroom as needed.

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Want to learn more about the ERGOtable and Can-Dan’s custom solutions? Contact us today! 

We’re dedicated to finding creative solutions for each customer and look forward to discussing options with you.