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Pressalit Changing Table Model CT4000 and Adult Changing Station

Pressalit CT 4000 is a well thought out changing table, wall-hung and electrically height adjustable with focus on functionality, user-friendliness, hygiene and design.

Electrically height adjustable with buttons placed in table front.

Incl. safety rail, body belt and wired remote control.

See Technical datasheet (pdf) for information on fixings suitable for various wall types.

500 lb. weight capacity.

Available in Canada

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Product Dimensions

32” x 72”, electrically foldable



  • A full length safety rail to ensure that the user feels safe
  • A safety rail without gaps where arms/legs can get trapped or slip out in case the user is restless on the changing table
  • The closed design of the safety rail gives the user lying on the worktop a sense of privacy
  • Soft, rounded edge to the safety rail so it can be used as a grab bar
  • To provide better access for the caregiver or helper the safety rail has a practical lower area in the middle
  • Built-in switches in the worktop – for easy adjustment of the height. You can stay close to the user who is lying on the worktop.
    The built-in switches are placed conveniently close to the helper. It is also possible to lower and raise the table by
    using the wired hand control
  • Lifting height up to 1000 mm/39.4” to provide proper and safe working height for the helper
  • A motorized folding-away of the worktop is available as a factory-mounted accessory
  • Wall-mounted control panel for folding up/down the motorized worktop and height adjustment of the changing table available
    as accessory

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