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Custom Ergonomic Classroom Desk

Your experience + your input results is a customized ERGOtable to meet your student’s needs.

We can build you an adaptive desk that is custom, unique to a student and the classroom. If our standard ERGOtable is not quite what you need, let us know. If you have an idea, just ask and we may be able to do it.

Our product development, any changes & improvements, plus enhancements happen because of you. The design of our product is due to the feedback and collaboration from teachers, educational assistants, parents, therapists and students.


Available in Canada and the USA

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What size do you need?

Send us a drawing.  Considerations:

  • Classroom size
  • Equipment dimensions
  • Student measurements


ERGOtable desks can be customized with the following options and accessories:

Storage Box - Vertical mount, Desk Style
Raised Edging
Flat Black Colored Top – For Greater Contrast
Tilting Top – 8 Positions
Height Adjustable Legs – 23″ to 29″ with 3″ Casters
Furniture Glides – Reduce Height another 2″


We can make any shape…


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